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Shih Tzus in Ontario
Dogs are listed alphabetically by city and name.
ONTARIO, Niagara Falls, CAN
Birth Date: 1 Nov 2016
Registry: none
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$500, Ngbl, POL
Phone: 905-921-3477
Owner: Brittany Ashby
Kennel: none
Website: none
Romeo is a beautiful pure black imperial not weighing more than 10 pounds. He has a sweet, loving personality and is well behaved. He is healthy and has produced multiple litters with up to 6 puppies that all sold quickly for $1000 or more. We are located in the Hamilton Niagara area but can travel if necessary. You may text 1-905-807-5201 for more pictures and information. We prefer pick of the litter.
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Posted: 21 Oct 2017
Updated: 2 Dec 2018
Birth Date: 6 Nov 2014
Registry: none
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$300, Ngbl, POL, POP
Phone: 226-237-4383
Owner: Diana Bryans
Kennel: none
Website: none
Jessie James Bryans is white with brown spots, 14.5 lbs, and 12" tall. He is very smart, lovable, and will stand by you outside without a leash. He understands many words and their meanings and does several tricks no matter the audience. He also sings and can match my notes that I sing. It's really quite impressive. He does not bark much unless he feels threatened. Everyone loves him and many comment how cute he is. He loves to watch TV with us and enjoys both dog food and table food including most meats as well as watermelon mango and fresh basil.
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Posted: 8 Jul 2018